Our vision

Saraj dent Dental Practice was established in 2013. Our practice started off at the Importanne Center but then we moved to the center of Sarajevo at Branilaca Sarajeva br 20. Our team of professional and highly qualified DMD’s and dental assistants provides top quality dental services in all areas of dental medicine.

Our clear vision is based on the long-term health and dental needs of each patient, because they all deserve a nice and healthy smile. State-of-the-art equipment, quality work methods and friendly staff are the main features of our practice, which in the end give a fantastic result. In a pleasant environment we offer a wide range of dental services in all areas of dentistry.

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Our success

We are proud of the fact that we have been providing aesthetic care to patients from all over the world for many years. We have become recognizable for aesthetic dentistry and we do every area of it with great care and love.

We are aware that many patients have a fear of the dentist, so we strive to create a sense of safety in patients and gain your confidence. In a specially tailored setting, with a comfortable atmosphere, a friendly doctor-patient relationship eliminates fear and resolves all your dental problems in an absolutely painless way.

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The biggest passion

Our biggest passion is cosmetic dentistry. We work by heart, continually educate ourselves and follow trends to offer our patients the highest level of aesthetics and dental care. We give every patient tremendous attention, seeking the best solutions at every step of consultation with multiple dentists and specialists, to keep the beauty of your smile at the desired and satisfying level.

It has never been easier to get both healthy teeth and beautiful smile using modern technology we offer here at Saraj dent. Visit us and find out why our patients have confidence in us.

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The most contemporary Dental Services in the region!

Saraj dent Dental Practice has a long tradition of making sure you have a beautiful and healthy smile!