Dental caries or cavity develops on surfaces affected by dental plaque and places where remains of food collect and retain on dental surfaces. If a caries is not removed on time, it penetrates all layers of the tooth and eventually affects the pulp. The pulp is the part of the tooth located in the central part of the tooth and when the caries penetrates into the pulp, it results in infection which is painful and it requires endodontic treatment of the affected tooth.

It is necessary to respond in time so that the infection from the pulp does not spread to the apex of the root. Successful endodontic treatment can prevent major dental problems and extend the life of the tooth. Modern methods of machine endodontics ensure that the dental treatment in completed effectively and in a short period of time with success. The state-of-the-art treatment will ensure that our patients are comfortable and eventually satisfied with the outcome and their dental health.