Aesthetic dentistry

One of the most important factors that affect one’s smile is their teeth.

The positive impact of dental restoration on a patient's smile, appearance and confidence cannot be underestimated. Our mission is to create a beautiful and natural smile through a detailed analysis of face physiognomy, state-of-the-art methods, revolutionary approaches, and excellent work techniques. The aesthetics of a smile depends on the shape of the face and the teeth, size, color and position of the teeth. To ensure that the final desired result is ideal for our patients, we also do a comprehensive analysis and consultation with multiple doctors and specialists of dental medicine to make final decision on the adequate dental therapy and/or restoration. Successful cooperation between doctors and patients means that the end result will be satisfying.

Following a thorough consultation with the doctors of aesthetic dentistry, the process of preparing the teeth for veneers, luminaries, empresses, zircon, cad backs or metal-ceramic crowns can start. In case of partial or total edentulousness (loss of teeth), it is possible to do both partial or total dentures. During the necessary visits, we will, together with our patients and our dental technicians, analyze prosthetic work, including shape of teeth, color, size, and bite. Only once the patient is completely satisfied, we can begin to finalize the restorations and do final cementation.

We are also driven by a great passion for veneers. For years our patients have had the opportunity to undergo the procedure of getting ceramic veneers. It is the most aesthetically pleasing solution for those who wish to change the color, size, and shape of their teeth.

Our job is to provide the best aesthetic dentistry can offer. We are proud of the fact that a large number of patients from almost all continents have confidence in us as we aim to achieve the best results.

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